Work as a Male or Female Stripper

We are a professional party entertainment company, serving the whole United States for over 30 years. Owned and run by very experienced male and female entertainers, you can rest assured that everything is done with your best interest in mind. We treat our entertainers with the utmost respect, creating long-lasting relationships. Our professional entertainers are equipped to make the most tips possible. Every party is vetted, secured, and is set up to help you prosper. From the set-up of the party to telling the customers to have plenty of bills ready to make it rain, walk into every party with confidence, knowing we do everything to ensure your success.

Do you have a hard-working, go-getter mentality and an upbeat personality? Are you ready to make a lot of money as a professional exotic dancer, while putting smiles on people’s faces? We are looking to partner only with reliable, self-sufficient ladies and gentlemen who are ready to accept the opportunities we will provide you to make money.

Employment Application process

Independent Contractor Agreement 

Please read the following terms and requirements carefully before applying to be a member of our team.

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at a party.
  3. Have reliable transportation. 
  4. When a manager [or staffer] asks you to cover a party, respond promptly.
  5. When you commit to a party, be sure you follow through. 
  6. Arrive on time and start promptly. 
  7. Always be prepared. This means you must have prepared costumes, music, change for tips, and a great attitude!
  8. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times. Excellent customer service skills, as well as an awareness of the party atmosphere, are necessary.
  9. Keep excellent hygiene in mind at all times.
  10. Maintain excellent physical fitness.
  11. Above all, have fun and be confident!

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are qualified, the owner will personally text you. After receiving your text message, and giving a qualified response, the owner will call you. If he does not receive a returned call within a couple of days, YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE DELETED.

Do you understand and agree with our terms?

Employment Application

If you are using Facebook please provide a link to your profile
If you are using Instagram please provide link to your profile

Maximum file size: 25MB

Maximum file size: 25MB

Maximum file size: 20MB

Tell us why you would be a good fit for our company, specifically about your experience and why we should give you work. You can also leave references.
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